How to Install New Fonts on Windows R R

By: Richard (May 7, 2006)

Have you ever seen a font somewhere, but then couldn't find it on the list of fonts on your computer?

Every computer contains a few default fonts when Windows is first installed. This tutorial will show you how to install extra fonts.

The following are the required steps:

  1. Download the font.
  2. Unzip it (if required).
  3. Install the new font.
Now let's look at each step in detail.

  1. Download the font:

    For ease of access, first create a folder under the C:\ drive, call it downloaded_fonts. So you will have C:\downloaded_fonts

    Thousands of free fonts are available online for download. Visit web sites like,, or simply use a search engine to search for free true type fonts download.

    Once you find a font you like, download it. Save it in C:\download_fonts.

  2. Unzip it (if required):

    Fonts are usually provided in zip format. If so, you must first unzip it into C:\download_fonts.

  3. Install the new font:

    Now you're ready to install the font.

    • Open your Control Panel (Start, Control Panel).
    • Double click on the Fonts icon.
    • click on File, Install New Font...
    • Under Folders, Double click on the c:\.
    • Scroll down to downloaded_fonts. Double click on it.
    • Under List of fonts..., you should now have one or more fonts listed.
    • Click on Select All.
    • Click OK to install the font.
  4. Repeat the steps above to install more fonts.
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