How to Re-format and re-partition hard drive R R

If you've had your computer for a while, and you've installed and uninstalled programs several times, your computer may become slow over time. A good solution to that is to wipe your hard drive clean and start afresh. You do this by reformatting and repartitioning your hard drive.

It's not that hard to do but can take up to an hour or more.
First you need a boot floppy with CD-ROM support.
If you don't have this, make one as follows

  1. Click on Start/Settings/Control Panel.
  2. Click on Add/Remove Programs icon
  3. Click on Startup Disk tab
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions.
You will also need the drivers that came with your system, sound, video, modem.

Then follow this:

1. Put the boot floppy in the floppy drive and boot the computer

2. After the system has been booted to the CD-ROM Boot Floppy, type [FDISK /X] and press Enter.

3. If you wish to partition your hard drive with a single partition, follow the instructions in steps # 4-8. If you wish to put multiple partitions on your hard drive follow the instructions in step #9.

4. Select option 4 and press Enter. Verify that there is no current partition. Note: If there is a Primary DOS partition press Esc twice to exit the Fdisk program then proceed to the appropriate handout to install your operating system, otherwise proceed to the next step.

5. Press the Esc key to return to the main FDISK menu. If a partition was displayed other than Primary DOS, or you need to delete a Primary DOS partition, select option 3 and press Enter. Select the appropriate menu options to delete the types of partitions that were displayed in step 3. When done, press the Esc key to return to the main menu.

6. From the main menu select option 1 and press Enter.

7. From the Create DOS Partition screen select option 1 and press Enter. The system will ask if you want to use the entire drive for drive C, choose Y. The program will set the entire partition for drive C, and set the partition active.

8. The computer will now prompt you to insert the system disk in the A: drive, and press Enter. Insert the CD-ROM Boot Disk and then press Enter to continue.

9. To place multiple partitions on your hard drive do the following steps:

a. At the C:\> type [FDISK].

b. At "FDISK OPTIONS" press [1] then press Enter.

c. From the "Create DOS Partition" screen select option [1] and press Enter. The system will ask if you want to use the entire drive for Drive C. Choose [N] and select the amount of space on the drive you wish to be the primary DOS partition (you can enter the amount in percentages of the total hard drive space or actual MB). The program will set the partition for drive C and make it active. (Note: in Windows 95 there is a 2GB limitation for partitions size as there is with DOS/Windows 3.x.)

d. At "Create DOS Partition or Logical DOS Drive" press [2] and press Enter.

e. At "Create Extended DOS Partition" press Enter, then Esc.

f. You will be prompted to Create a Logical DOS Drive, press Enter to accept.

g. Press Esc until you are prompted to "Restart the Computer".

h. At A:\> type [FORMAT C:] and [Y] to start the format.

Good luck

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